Do you have the necessary skills to support me?

When you present me with a task for the first time, I will always let you know whether I can carry it out or not. In most cases, I’ll be able to handle the task. I’ve worked with many clients over the past ten years and have supported them in very different ways. Most clients; however, require the same type of business support and so there’s rarely a task that I’ve not done before.

How can I trust that you're only charging me for time when you're working on my tasks?

There is no definitive way to know that I am charging only for minutes actually worked. There is a certain level of trust required that I will honestly report the time spent on tasks. I have tried to implement some aspects of my service that will help you to determine the honesty of my business.

Firstly, I record the exact start time and the number of minutes that I spend on each task. When I invoice you at the end of the month, you will receive a detailed breakdown of all work carried out. This will allow you to see exactly what tasks you’ve spent your money.

Secondly, I provide testimonials on the website from some of my current and past clients. Although testimonials can easily be falsified, I can on request put you in contact with some present clients so that you can ask them directly whatever you like about the quality of service I provide for them. In fact, most of my current clients have come to me through word of mouth advertising.

Is there an ongoing commitment to work together?

No. Upon agreeing to work together, you sign a working agreement with myself. This contract simply describes my obligations and protects your ownership rights to all work used by or created by me. This agreement does not bind the client to an ongoing relationship.

If you do not have any work for me in a particular month, then there is nothing to pay. You use my services only when you need me.

How does this virtual business support work?

The widespread availability of high-speed internet and the means to communicate effectively and efficiently on-line has meant that we?can not only work from home but can have full business relationships without ever meeting face-to-face.

I work?remotely, using email as my main tool to communicate with clients. In addition, messaging, audio and video chat, on-line shared folders and of course the telephone, are all tools which I use?to establish and maintain relationships with clients.

Working remotely like this can take some adjustment, but by starting with clearly defining the role that you require me?to take in supporting your business is a vital first step. We?can discover a working relationship that works for you.?You can contract me to carry out one-off tasks or to continually manage or monitor aspects of your business (e.g. a certain project, address books, web content).

What are the advantages of working with a virtual assistant?

One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing work is a large reduction in your business running costs. As I am a freelancer and not an employee, you do not pay a salary, health benefits, sick pay or even office space. Just like a doctor, lawyer or accountant, you pay only for work carried out and none of the associated costs of having a full-time employee.

As a freelance contractor, I am also invested in the success of your business. I carry out all work under standard freelancer agreements providing you peace of mind that I will work for my fee, and that your data and anything I use or create in the process of working with you, remains your property. Furthermore, I can increase the visible size of your enterprise.

Is it a secure way to work?

Your personal data are stored securely in an encrypted virtual vault and absolutely never shared without your consent. All usernames and passwords are encrypted. I track the emergence of any new viruses, trojans or malware and can let you know how to handle them (if necessary).